Visiting Australia From India: What to pack and what to do before taking the flight Are you an international student going to Australia to study? Or you may be a professional going to Australia on a work visa. Or perhaps you are a parent of someone who is now a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. You may well be a working holiday visa holder going for some fun and adventure experience in Australia and also working at the same time. If you are visiting Australia for the first time, you may be interested in knowing what needs to be done prior to taking the flight so that your journey and stay in Australia is with minimum stress. 

Here is a checklist of things that you need to do prior to your journey..

  1. Overseas Health Insurance: It is highly recommended to purchase an overseas health insurance in Australia. Being a visitor or temporary worker, you may not be entitled to avail Medicare benefits in Australia. Majority of visitor or worker visa require an overseas health insurance as a visa condition. Please visit allianz website to purchase your OVHC or OSHC HERE If you do not purchase or hold an overseas health insurance, you may be denied entry to the immigration checkpoint. It is very important for you to purchase health insurance from a reputed Australian insurers like Allianz to cover yourself from huge medical bills while your stay in Australia. A visit to a general practitioner can cost somewhere between $40 to $100 and if you do not have health insurance, you will have to pay from your pocket. An emergency visit to an Ambulance can cost you hundreds of dollars. A medical procedure or surgery can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars so it is vital for you to purchase insurance prior to your visit 

  2. Cheap Flight Tickets: If you have not booked your flight ticket yet, is the great international flight booking site offering great fares to Australia. They have great customer service (online chat and local phone number) for your inquiries. If you want, you can compare airfares from a great comparison site like Flight Dada Flight Dada offers you a tool to compare flight deals from many websites in India and overseas. 

  3. Temporary accommodation: Temporary accommodation during the first few days of your stay in Australia is very important. It is likely that you may have a friend or relative to pick you up from Airport and providing you temporary accommodation. If that’s the case, please do confirm with your friend or relative about timing of your arrival and how will you contact them once you arrive at the airport. Please note that finding accommodation after arriving at the airport could be expensive and you may not be able to get good and cheap accommodation at the last minute. If you prefer, airbnb could be a great help. If you prefer, you may want to book a hotel well in advance. Booking hotel from provides great hotel deals in Australia.

  4. Airport pickup: Please make prior arrangements for your airport pickup. If you are comign with a child or infant, please make arrangements accordingly due to strict rules for child seat in Australia. If you prefer, Uber can provide a great alternative to find last minute ride to your accommodation. You should be able to find taxi service at majority of international airports without an issue however price may vary depending upon your time and port of arrival.

  5. VEVO checking: Depending upon your nationality, you may or may not require a visa to Australia. We recommend you to check your VEVO if you already have a visa and visiting Australia for the first time. VEVO is Visa Entitlement Verification Online system and it gives you real time status for your visa and related conditions (e.g. no further stay, no work rights etc..)

  6. International drivers license: Depending upon your nationality and visa    types, you may or may not be allowed to drive in Australia. Please check with local   RMS about your eligibility to drive based on your international drivers license. 

  7. Local currency: You may want to keep some local currency in the beginning. There are many money exchange outlets in major shopping centres and suburbs so you may be able to purchase local currency once you settle after arrival. You should have some local currency purchased at your country so that you can use it for taxi, telephone when you arrive in Australia.

  8. Packing: Depending upon your time and season of arrival, you should your pack your bags accordingly. Here is the quick list of items that you should include in your bags.
  • Sunscreen
  • Allergy medications
  • Universal adaptor (you may need this to charge your phone when you arrive at the airport)
  • Travel money card
  • Hat, thongs, sunglasses, swimming costume for summer
  • Beanie, sneaker, scarf, thermals, warm jackets for winter etc. etc.
This list is not complete and there are so many things that you can prepare in advance to make your stay and journey to Australia as smooth as possible.  Happy Journey